Furniture Components

Drewmex specializes in the production of high quality custom-made furniture components, offering comprehensive solutions for furniture manufacturers. Our components include elements for cabinets, beds, chairs and table legs. Thanks to advanced CNC technology, we are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers whose projects require custom milling, reaming and various types of precision machining.

From Idea to Ready-to-use Component

The implementation process for furniture components follows stages:

Submission of technical documentation or idea for a new product
In the first stage, the client submits technical documentation or presents ideas for new furniture
Project analysis and solution preparation
Our R&D (Research and Development) department analyzes the project and develops technical solutions tailored to the individual needs of the client.
Client approval
We present the developed solutions to the client, establish production details, and obtain approval to proceed.
Preparation of a sample prototype
Based on agreed parameters, we prepare a sample prototype of the component.
Prototype acceptance
The client evaluates and accepts the prepared prototype, which is necessary to initiate the production process.
Production readiness
After obtaining client approval, we can start production, ensuring timely delivery of furniture components according to the established schedule.

Advanced CNC technology

Our furniture components are machined using advanced CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) technology, which guarantees the highest precision of workmanship and gives the possibility of realising complicated projects containing non-standard details.

Drewmex will provide you with the assistance of specialists who are willing to engage in the design process. Take advantage of our experience and advanced technologies, reach for innovative solutions to create furniture that will stand out on the market.

Raw material with FSC and PEFC certification

Drewmex solid boards are sourced from round oak raw material and the entire production process takes place in our own sawmills. This guarantees an attractive price in addition to proven high quality. We are fully FSC and PEFC certified, which means that our production complies with the highest standards of sustainable forestry.

Why is it worth cooperating with Drewmex and ordering furniture components from us?

By choosing Drewmex, you receive the highest quality furniture components and support in the furniture production process from an experienced and reliable partner. We use the most advanced technologies and our production lines are among the most modern in the world. Cooperation with us not only means access to quality wooden furniture components. It also means partnership and development prospects. Drewmex will support you in realising your business goals and achieving success in the furniture industry.

Join the group of our satisfied customers – rely on quality, professionalism and full satisfaction in your business relations.

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DREWMEX Group sp.z o.o.
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+48 795 596 035