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Drewmex is a Polish company with global operations specialising in the manufacture of solid wood products and advanced furniture components

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Our history


Carpentry - a family heritage

Our history with wood is a tale of passion and heritage that spans several generations back. It all began with our grandfather, who was a carpenter and provided his services to the local community. His craftsmanship and expertise were valued and respected in the community, and working with wood was a true passion for him.

Our father inherited this love for carpentry. He saw greater potential in it than just serving the local community. He saw an opportunity to start a production business and, together with our grandfather, launched the production of simple wooden products for companies. Growing customer interest led to the decision to hire additional workers in a short period.

After two years of hard work, due to the rapid growth dynamics of the company, it was necessary to find land for the construction of our own production halls. And so it happened. This marked the beginning of expanding our infrastructure in response to the increasing interest from foreign companies in wooden products from Poland.

The first order for the British market was groundbreaking as it opened up opportunities for us to enter global markets and develop cooperation with foreign contractors in line with the highest global standards. Thanks to diligence, quality, and technology that we could guarantee, our customer portfolio quickly grew, as did the range of services and product offerings.

Initially, our production was closer to craftsmanship and relied on simple woodworking machines. Over time, we began investing in the development of our technological capabilities. As a result, we became one of the most advanced facilities in the industry, possessing know-how and automatic production lines from leading suppliers of such equipment worldwide.

Company Today


Latest Technology and Highest Standards

We have state-of-the-art automated technological lines (production lines)
to manufacture the most advanced furniture components
and other solid wood products. Our manufacturing processes
adhere to the highest standards, meeting the most demanding
product specifications of our customers.

Global Partner

We are a business partner of the largest retail chains throughout Europe. Our company operates as a global corporation, supplying products mainly to eight operational markets in Europe. Additionally, we collaborate with companies from Asia and expand our offer with products made of certified exotic wood.

Expertise and OEM/OEB portfolio

Our vast experience in OEM/OEB products allows us to work with distributors and manufacturers selling private labels. This is an important part of our portfolio and a confirmation of our competence through many years of successful cooperation with leading global companies.

Regular external audits

In order to guarantee our customers the highest quality of our services and products, our company is regularly subjected to social, technical and quality audits. Because after all, our passion for wood is all about human satisfaction - complete customer satisfaction.

Why Us?


Lean Manufacturing

In our production processes, we ensure that the principles of Lean Manufacturing are followed. We are mindful of reduce waste and using resources efficiently, resulting in better product quality, shorter delivery times and competitive prices. In this way, we achieve optimum production efficiency, benefiting both us and our customers.

Timely delivery is one of our priorities. As a result, the company has achieved a high OTIF rate, delivering fully complete and on schedule. Customers can rely on us because we deliver products on time and in the expected quantity.

Our investment in the latest technology is aimed to ensure the highest quality products and services. Automated processing lines, the use of the latest production solutions and the constant upgrading of our machinery park enable us to meet even the most technically advanced needs of our customers.

We are committed to sustainability and caring for our planet. We operate with respect for the environment, using measures to decrease our impact on the environment. We work to optimise the consumption of natural resources and reduce waste, which allows us to implement zero waste. Our products are environmentally friendly and we strive to promote environmentally friendly practices in the business world.

We are ready to adapt our production to special customer requirements. We meet even the most sophisticated needs and, thanks to advanced technologies, we are able to manufacture products according to individual specifications.

Many years of experience in the production of OEM/OEB products makes us the perfect partner for distributors. We are ready to manufacture products for our customers under their own brands, ensuring the highest quality and timely delivery.

Our offer is based on innovation, cutting-edge technology and sustainable development. Entering into a partnership with us gives a new perspective to business and opens up new development opportunities to ensure entrepreneurs achieve their goals.



FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

FSC is an international organization that certifies and supervises sustainable forest management. The FSC 100% certificate guarantees that wood and wood products come entirely from forests managed in accordance with sustainable development principles. FSC 100% means that every stage of production – from wood sourcing to the final product – is under strict control, and the entire raw material base comes from forests managed with regard to ecological, social, and economic aspects.

PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)

PEFC is an international forest certification program and supply chain certification. The PEFC 100% certificate confirms that wood and wood products come entirely from forests managed in accordance with PEFC guidelines. This certificate also includes supply chain control, meaning that the product’s path can be traced from the forest to the end consumer to ensure that sustainable forest management standards are maintained.

Certyfikat TUV Rheinland Certified

TUV Rheinland is a renowned international certification and auditing company. The TUV Rheinland Certified certificate means that an audit has been conducted by an independent third party, such as TUV Rheinland, to confirm compliance with specified quality, safety, performance, or other criteria. This certificate may refer to various aspects of the company’s activities, from product quality to production processes, management systems, or other areas.

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DREWMEX Group sp.z o.o.
Św. Rocha 30, 27-215 Wąchock 

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DREWMEX Group sp.z o.o.
St. Rocha 30, 27-215 Wąchock

+48 795 596 035